Board of Directors | Consejo de Administración

Mike Drayton – President, ESL Instructor

Michael Drayton is a former manufacturing engineer, retired teacher of English as a Second Language (ESL), and president of the Board of VIDAS. As an ESL instructor, he learned of the issues confronting his students as immigrants and, for many, the threats and challenges of living undocumented in the United States. When he learned of the opportunity to serve at VIDAS, it fit well with his understanding of the law as a means of social change, from the civil rights movement through struggles for women's rights, gay rights, and migrants' rights, the focus of VIDAS. Mike has served since the organization of the first VIDAS board.

Michael Drayton

Luis Bravo – Treasurer, Bilingual School Counselor


Toni Winter is a Masters-level registered nurse, with particular expertise in infectious disease, and has worked to improve the quality and consistency of healthcare. Most recently, she worked advocating for hospitalized community health center patients who faced mental health challenges, poverty and isolation compounded by a health crisis. Now retired, she continues her lifelong passion for human rights and works to ensure the safety and well-being of all Sonoma County residents. It is her honor to serve on the board of VIDAS with the amazing, inspiring staff and fellow board members.

Toni Winter


Rev. Lindsey Bell-Kerr is an ordained United Methodist elder, and has served as pastor at Christ Church United Methodist since 2016. They also work with Sonoma State University and North Bay Organizing Project. Lindsey is a writer, an organizer, and an advocate for social change. Since they were in college, Lindsey has had a passion for immigration reform. On the East Coast, they worked with Russian immigrants through the NOW Legal Defense Fund, and in the Bay Area, they have worked extensively with the Filipino/Filipino-American community.

Rev. Lindsey Bell-Kerr

Lindsey is privileged to serve on the board of VIDAS, and is continually inspired by the courage of VIDAS' clients. They are also humbled by the commitment and passion that the other board members (and volunteers and staff!) bring to this essential work.

Kalyanee Mam

Born in Battambang, Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge regime, which took the lives of nearly two million people, Kalyanee Mam and her family were forced to flee their homeland, eventually arriving in the United States in 1981. Even to this day her mother recounts stories of their flight through jungles laden with land mines. Her effort to understand home has led her to advocate for immigrant and refugee rights and to work on films about war and refugees and about families threatened and displaced by the destruction of their land, forests, and rivers.

Kaylanee Mam

As a member of the VIDAS board, Kalyanee is committed to serving, supporting, and providing immigrant legal and social services to the greater VIDAS community and immigrant communities in Sonoma County, where she and her husband David Mendez call home.

Manuel Benitez

Manuel Benitez, currently works in the Office of Equity for the County of Marin. Manuel is second generation in the U.S. He grew up in Santa Cruz County and even though he was born in a large southern California metropolitan area, he's a small town boy at heart. Manuel grew up in a blue collar household. His father was a construction laborer and his mother worked in a food processing plant. Manuel moved to Sonoma County 12 years ago, immediately falling in love with the area and calling Sonoma County home.

Manny Benitez

Manuel has a background in various industries, in both the private and public sectors. Most recently he worked in various social assistance programs for County of Sonoma Human Services, including the CalFresh, MediCal, CalWORKs and WIOA programs. He has assisted people from all walks of life and age groups. He has also supported the LatinX small business community for the past three years as a Business Services Representative. Manuel looks forward to working with the rest of the VIDAS board supporting our community and the clients it serves.